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We will help you setup telecommuting for your employees quickly, cost effectively, and the right way! We will consult with you to help you determine the appropriate solutions, the level of security you need, and the monitoring applications so you can make sure everyone remains productive! We will customize the right solution that fits your business needs.

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Ransome attacks costs businesses $1 billion dollars annually! Simple problems with software and hardware costs time and money and creates frustration. Prevent, Fix and Restore.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware evolves, anti-ransomware utilities will evolve as well.

Backup and Restore

Allowing users to create backups & restore from backups created earlier.

Network Efficiency

Concept of efficiency can be applied to both local & global scales in a network

Full Printer Support

Download drivers, run diagnostic tools & troubleshoot your printer

Alient IT Services what we can do for you; it support, computer support, network administration & solutions
Secure Collaboration & Cloud Support

Secure Collaboration can provide secure, fully managed cloud services

Break-Fix Replacement Hardware

Replacing hardware that is out of service & installing new hardware

Secure and Fast Setup

Stay secure with optional verification setup

Software & App Support

Application support specialist can provide technical support to clients

Alien IT Services

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Whatever you do, whatever the issue, we have experts in your industry. We will assign pre-qualified IT engineers to your specific issues for the best resolution.

Our Team

We have assembled an intergalactic team…. Ok, were not going there! We’re keeping it simple: We have the experts. We can solve your IT problems (often before they occur). With over 100 years combined IT experience in multiple industries, we have a diverse team of experts poised to solve virtually every IT problem businesses, governments, and not-for-profits face. You can expect the friendliest service in the Universenope, nope, keep it real, keep it real: We have friendly, highly qualified experts. That’s why Alien IT Services is ready to serve humankinduugh, I give up…

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